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pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl, Akoya pearl, shell pearl, wish pearl, coral jewelry, turquoise jewelry, crystal jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl, Akoya pearl, shell pearl, wish pearl, coral jewelry, turquoise jewelry, crystal jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry
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Buying pearl earrings is an art

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Pearls are common as parts of more expensive jewelries, they were for long, have been reserved only for the richest people of the noblest standards. As jewelry professionals, we are often asked questions about buying pearl earrings, necklaces, or rings online. The most important thing to do before you get started is to learn just a little bit about pearls. In a nutshell, pearls are valued based on their luster, size, color, surface quality, and shape, as well as a few other attributes. Above all it is important to learn about luster, since this is the most important factor in the price.

A lot of women choose carefully the type of ear pendants to match with their hairs and dressing style before they go out. Most cultured freshwater pearl earrings are tiny, attractive, and definitely quite expensive. Earrings are a type of jewelry that is loved by almost all women. They can not only make up for the small defect of the shape of our face, make it look more balanced, but also make us look more beautiful and attractive. Although pearl earrings have been used for many decades now, these jewelries never go out of style. They may not always come with a matching freshwater pearl necklace, but the earrings alone can make any woman look beautiful and stunning.

Pearl Stud Earring is the most classical earring and comparative affordable one. This can usefully prevent the losing of earring while it contains expensive freshwater pearl or material. The pearl or other gemstones (like diamond) are floating on your earring, while a screw back to securely hold the earring in place. Some drop pearl earrings combine a charm and a gemstone. The basic design of the drop requires the earring to hang in a straight line from base to end. The most unique feature of this type is that screw on pearl earring can wear by non-pierced people. Threaded pearl earrings provide a gorgeous and fashionable look for your collection. Pearls can dangle best with that chain below the ear.

Buying pearl earrings is an art, and it will take time before you can perfect it. Considerable lengths make pear earrings clean and neat, and can avoid the children and babies managing accidentally to tear it off from their or your ears. This type of accessory is worn in any occasion, place and season. And because pearls always match any styles and colors of dress, they are always worth the investment.

Different Types of Pearl Necklace Clasps

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

A beautiful pearl strand necklace can be enhanced with a well-chosen clasp. Different types of jewelry clasps are used for different purposes. If you plan to design jewelry, it should know which is best for each application. A few things will mark you as an amateur faster than mismatching your clasp with your new creation. The following are some introduction about pearl necklace clasps.

Spring Ring Clasp

A spring ring clasp looks like an open circular ring that opens when you push down the tab found outside the ring. Alternately, the circular ring closes once you release the tab. Spring ring clasps are the typical clasp used in necklace, also the most common clasp of all.

Lobster Clasps

Lobster clasps are usually larger than the traditional spring ring clasps, which mean they are particularly good for people. This one is oblong-shaped and flat. Like the spring ring, it opens when you push the tab on its side and closes when you release it. They look great on larger pieces of jewelry, and if coordinated with the metal used on in the necklace or fresh water pearl bracelet, they blend in well with even traditional fine jewelry. The lobster claw style is superior in strength.

Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps allow people to secure a piece of jewelry without having to fuss with complicated clasps. By placing the two ends in close proximity, the magnets draw the ends together. Unfortunately, a sharp tug on the bracelet or necklace can separate the ends, potentially leading to loss.

Box Clasps

A box clasp involves a small spring that slides into a larger box and clicks into place. Not as secure as a spring ring or lobster claw, it can be made more resistant to failure with the addition of a safety guard. Frequently seen as part of a strand of pearls, the safety guard adds an additional level of protection against accidental separation.

Toggle Clasps

A toggle clasp has two parts; a bar and a circular end. The bar slides through the open center of the circular end and is turned so that it extends beyond the opening, sealing the link. These are very stylish and come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. They can even be part of the design of a piece of jewelry. They are less secure than other types and therefore not suitable for expensive items.

Those were the different types of clasps. So if you’re planning to restring your pearls, take time to think and choose what clasp you want to use. Besides, those pearls need something pretty to lock them up.

Jewelry can be customized in so many ways. Whether you are searching for kits, supplies or assistance in creating the perfect custom jewelry design piece, you can find jewelry accessories at www.aimpearl.com .

The perfect gift idea

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea, but stuck for an idea? Then you should know about the Mother of Pearl picture. These makes perfect gifts for anyone that likes unique gifts. You will even want to have one or more for yourself because of the amazing picture they make. When you look into the history books, whenever early man discovered a new plant or mineral it was typically used for medicinal purposes. The discovery and use of the pearl was no different. When pearl bead were first discovered over 4000 years ago, they were not only for decorative purposes but could be ground into powder and used to cure illnesses.

When taken internally, pearls are said to beautify and clear the skin, detoxify the system, relieve stress, calm the nervous system, regulate the metabolism, energize the body and even improve eyesight. shell pearl are also legendary for their use on the skin. Pearls are known to keep skin smooth, soft and lustrous. Pearls have also been used in the treatment of cuts, burns and as a cure for fever. While these claims come from ancient Chinese history, you can still buy pearl powder today. Once you know the right color of pearl suitable for your complexion and hair color, it is time to figure out the sort of pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings would be ideal to your age, face and neck type, and personality, and the occasions on which you want to wear them.

Of course, whatever your age, you need to keep in mind your neck type while selecting your pearl necklace. For a shorter neck you should have strands of pearls two inches below the collarbone to make your neck look longer. For heavier necks, wear longer strands, because they help give you length instead of girth. For long and thin necks, triple pearl strand with the shortest hugging the base of your neck column would be ideal. On the other hand, with a bony neck, take attention away from the neck by having strands lower. Studs for shorter and heavier necks, and danglers for long necks would be the rule for earrings.

Forever classic choice in jewelry

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Pearls are a classic choice in jewelry. jewelry accessories is passion of every woman and there are certain ornaments which are timeless. The genuine pearl jewelry items last a lifetime and move from generations to generations. With pearl jewelry being amongst the choicest options of female world and with marketers bringing in new styles, trends and varieties in colors and sizes, shopping for pearl jewelry is fun.

Royalty wore strands of pearl jewelry as far back as the middle ages and once cultured pearls became affordable, almost every woman had a prized strand and wore them frequently. Pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Natural and cultured pearls come in a variety of colors including white, cream and black with pink, lavender, green, silver or gold overtones. Freshwater pearls are another option and have unusual raisin-like shapes that radiate a kaleidoscope of subtle, shimmering color. Strands are the most popular and classic type of pearl jewelry. A strand never goes out of style. Both multi-strand and single strand are popular types of freshwater pearl necklace. Collar strands are 10 to 13 inches in length and falls around the throat. Choker necklaces are 14 to 16 inches long and sit at the base of the neck. Princess strands measure 17 to 19 inches and come to the collarbone. Longer pearl strand are easily twisted and wrapped around the neck to give the illusion of multi-strands or around the wrist to make a bracelet. Uniform pearls are to all one size while graduated has larger pearls at the front and smaller ones to the back. Round and semi round pearls are best for strand necklaces.

Pearls were not only worn by royalty as accessories, but they were also used to decorate furniture and even to decorate the tombs of royal people. Pearl jewelry is so versatile it can be suitable for almost any occasion. A strand of multicolor pearls connected by sterling silver will compliment a pair of casual jeans. Pearls became a mainstay accessory for women all over the world and are still popular today in several different forms. Almost anywhere in the world, when you step into a jewelry shop or open a jewelry magazine, there will always be some pearls to catch your eyes. Whether they are on a strand or combined with another type of jewelry.

A classic accompaniment to wardrobe

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

A classic accompaniment to wardrobe of any women, they can be made of precious stones, semi precious stones or can just be artificial jewelry. Most popular among women of all age groups, pearl jewelry are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Often associated with glamour, beauty and elegance they are considered as one of the necessary piece of jewelry a woman should have. They never fail to enhance beauty of women and must be chosen according to the facial structure. Some common styles are pearl drop and stud
fresh water pearl earrings, freshwater pearls, traditional white pearls, colored pearls and black pearls. A pearl earring is a great way to tell someone that you think they are unique and beautiful, just like the gift you are giving them.

Pearls can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Just make sure that you dry them well before storing. From time to time, you can also use jewelry cleaners which are specially manufactured for pearls. Use them with soft fabric or cloth damped with water. Avoid vigorous rubbing or brushing of the pearls since they are very sensitive and may get scratched or worse, get chipped off. Since the first discovery of the pearl its glory has continued until the present age. It is used as a precious stone in jewelry mostly in China, India, Rome and Egypt. In fact, the Romans are notably crazy about jewelry made from pearls. Beautiful black pearl earrings are perfect for augmenting your evening wear, night wear, party dresses and wedding functions etc. It is deemed to be a perfect compliment to accessories like shoes and purses. Like any other precious jewelry, pearls also require proper care and maintenance. They need to be properly taken care of so that they may retain their quality for a long time. Since original pearl jewelry set comes at a high price, care should be taken to maintain this jewelry. One should avoid wearing pearls before putting on makeup, perfumes, and lotions. Long hair with long drop earrings will make you look gentlewomanly; short hair with finished stud earrings can set off crackerjacks of a woman; asymmetrical hairstyle with asymmetrical earrings can make a women look pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

The color of earrings should tie in complexion well. Generally speaking, people with pale complexion should not choose bright and colorful earrings. Silvery white, such as freshwater pearl earrings can make them more beautiful. While if your have fair skin, red earrings or dark earrings are good setoffs of your skin.